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roof top water sprinkler

Versatile water sprinkler suits not only roof top but all angled object top as well as flat ground. 360°  rotary  distributing even and effective sprays.
This smart sprinkler is made of zinc metal for the nozzle head and coated iron for the supporting plates, solid and resistant of weather and rust. It's versatile in application, not limited to roof top, but all angled object top as well as flat ground. The nozzle head is 360°rotary distributing even and effective sprays of up to 10m of distance. When not used, it can be folded into the 3cm thick plates like a book, very convenient to store. Two brass tread couplings for link with hose or additional sprinkler.

Note: It was being performed in this video below under a rather low pressure of  0.25mpa of water source.Greater watering effects will be achieved with higher water pressures.